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Meals & drinks

Meals, wine & Co

"There is no more beautiful feeling than that hunger just before you reach for the menu." (Sir Peter Ustinov)

Celebrate with your loved ones ins our hotel special occasions or join us without cause.
We look forward to welcome you!

You choose à la carte, opt for coffee, cake and ice cream or enjoy a meal including aperitif, table wine and underplates. We gladly assemble an individual offer according to your wishes.

Terrine vom mediterranen Mittelmeergemüse
							Knoblauchchips & Rucolasalat
Gratinierter Tiroler Berglammrücken mit Oliventapenade
							Paradeiser-Erdäpfelroulade & Fisolen
Speckbachers Schokoladenmousseschnitte mit Himbeeren
							Lavendelcrumble & Schokoladensand
Salat von ausgelösten Atlantik Garnelen mit Curryrahmeis
							Koriandercreme & Romanasalat
Medaillon vom Tiroler Jungrind Filet mit Café de Paris Schaum
							Rösterdäpfelkroketten & Kürbisgemüse
Exotischer Fruchtsalat mit weißem Schokoladenmousse
								Mandelbiskuit & Avocado


"God only created the water, but it was man who made wine." (Victor Hugo)

And the basis for this came from Mother Nature. Our extensive wine list, with its 151 Austrian and international wines, features the finest of vintages, able to enter into a harmonious dialogue with each dish, and turning the evening into an array of exquisite experiences.

Our Austrian wineries:

  • Högl / Spitz
  • Erich&Walter Polz / Grassnitzberg
  • Rudi Pichler / Wachau
  • Alzinger / Wachau
  • Franz Hirtzberger / Spitz
  • F.X. Pichler / O.Loiben
  • Nigl / Kremstal
  • Sepp Moser / Kremstal
  • Loimer / Langenlois
  • Gobelsburg / Langenlois
  • Sabathi / Südsteiermark
  • Tement / Oststeiermark
  • Leo Hillinger / Jois
  • Gesellmann / Deutschkreuz
  • Gsellmann & Hans / Gols
  • Nittnaus / Gols
  • Gerhard Pittnauer
  • Gernot Heinrich / Gols
  • Markowitsch / Carnuntum
  • and many more

Other vintners:

  • Antinori / Umbrien
  • Ruffino / Toskana
  • Rothschild / Bordeaux
  • Rodet / Burgund
  • and more from Argentinien, Spanien,
    Griechenland, Australien, Neuseeland,
    Südafrika, Ungarn, Bulgarien, Chile,...

The Speckbacher Water

The Spring. Our Water.

We are proud to supply our guests with our very own water, water of the very highest quality. In fact, the water has even been awarded a seal of quality, the contents of Speckbacher spring water having been tested by Innsbruck University's Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology. And it is constantly available for guests to enjoy whenever they please. It originates from the St. Martin's Spring - which emerges from the ground at a point of immense natural power.

But don't just take our word for it...
... feel its amazing effects for yourself!

Speckbacher Wasser
Speckbachers Heilquelle
Logo des Speckbacher Wassers
Wasserflaschen des Speckbacher Wassers

Drinks à la carte

The best magnifier for the pleasures of this world are those from which you drink! Joachim Ringelnatz

Coffee, tea, soft drinks und spirits of your choice! Enjoy them for example in front of the chimney.