St. Martin 2 | A - 6069 Gnadenwald +43 5223 525 11
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Body treatments

"Do something good for your body, your soul will thank you for it." (colloquial saying)

Relax and unwind in the Beauty & Wellness Studio of Alpenhotel Speckbacher Hof.


Body peel
followed by a shower
20 minutes € 31,00

Full-body peel with olive oil and sea salt
followed by balneotherapy/bath
60 minutes € 78,00

Bio-energetic zone treatment
choose between treatment of the regeneration zone, assimilation zone or elimination zone, followed by balneotherapy/bath
60 minutes € 78,00

Cellulite treatment
Bio-energetic lymph drainage with aromatic oils, problem-zone pack to tone and remove fluid build-up, followed by balneotherapy/bath
60 minutes € 85,00

Anti-stress back treatment
Bio-energetic back de-blockage plus a relaxing back massage with aromatic oils
60 minutes € 68,00

Maria D'Eboli Ice Wrap
with ivy, menthol, salts and algae extracts to intensively tone tissue and remove excess fluids from problem zones
40 minutes € 36,00

Body Wrap
a toning wrap which promotes blood flow and combats problem zones
40 minutes € 36,00


Manicure with polish
€ 26,00

Manicure without polish
€ 24,00

Pedicure with polish
€ 38,00

Pedicure without polish
€ 35,00


Full leg
€ 43,00

Leg below the knee
€ 29,00

€ 13,00

Bikini zone
€ 16,00

€ 8,00

Upper lip
€ 8,00


"The magical powers of the fountain of youth are not just a legend - the bath gives youthful freshness, creating magic every day." (anonymous)

Fully automated underwater massage programs and a colorful play of color turn this bath into a memorable experience. Alone or as a couple . our double whirlpool bath is a pure delight - with panoramic views of the Tuxer Alps.

Relaxing lavender bath
just right for people who feel tense and stressed.

Refreshing orange-blossom bath
the ideal bath after a strenuous day.

Yin-Yang Harmony bath
the right mixture for spiritual balance.

Relaxing goat-whey bath
to cleanse and detoxify the body. Cell renewal is activated and the skin is toned.

Balance Sea-Salt bath
Sea salt is good for the skin, removing negative energies from the body.

Gnadenwald Fortifying bath
Discover renewed strength and energy with a blend of sage and Speckbacher spring water!

One 20-min. session € 28,00