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Maria D'Eboli & Isabel Gómez

Luxurious cosmetic products

Maria D'Eboli

Unique in Austria, this Spanish cosmetics line is based on a combination of native olive oil and pure, unadulterated plant extracts. Olive oil has powerful detoxifying effects, able to penetrate extraordinarily deep into the human skin. Maria D'Eboli has packed this knowledge into a unique skincare line. Nature has given us a gift. We merely need to accept it ...

Isabel Gómez

This valuable and luxurious cosmetics line also comes from sunny Spain, now available for the first time here in Austria. "White tea with silver down" is the star amongst the facial and skincare products from Isabel Gómez. It is the best, most detoxifying product to combat free radicals, the main cause for skin problems and signs of aging. It protects the skin better than any other product against stress and premature aging. The anti-aging effects of white tea were already known back in the days of the old Austrian empire. Isabel Gómez has now made this precious treasure available to us, so that you, too, can also feel like royalty...