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Josef Speckbacher

... a Tyrolean freedom fighter

* 13.07.1767 Gnadenwald, † 28.03.1820 Hall in Tirol

Josef Speckbacher was a Tyrolean freedom fighter who, after marrying, lived at his wife's farm in Rinn and thus acquired his nickname as "the man of Rinn". He fought against the French in 1797, 1800 and 1805, and in 1809 took part in the three battles of the Bergisel at the side of Andreas Hofer.

Speckbacher was regarded as an outstanding tactician in mountain warfare and, together with two other Tyrolean freedom fighters, Joachim Haspinger and Peter Mayr, defeated a division of soldiers from the Confederation of the Rhine in the Mittenwald-Oberau narrows (still known today as the "Sachsenklemme" or "Saxon Trap").

Defeated on 17.10.1809 near Unken and Mellek, Josef Speckbacher fled to Vienna, where he remained until 1814.

His tomb is located at the Hofkirche in Innsbruck.

In memory of Josef Speckbacher: Der Speckbacher - Friedrich Rückert

Josef Speckbacher